Absolution KettelbellsABsolution Kettlebells and Personal Training was built on the foundation of discipline, the desire to push our clients physical and mental limit and the dedication to reach their personal goals. Our team fall in love with fitness. Most of all, fall in love with who they are and the process of change.

We are a team that encourage each other. This builds a trusting place for you to have the faith in your own capabilities. Challenges and daily stress es are a part of life. Being a part of a positive, encouraging, motivating and supportive fitness team, will be a daily highlight.
You are powerful beyond measure,  capable of anything and willing to work. Start today and change your life!!
At ABsolution Kettlebells you grow, we help you find a strength you never thought you had but most of all we help you become the best version of yourself.

No matter their weight, age or fitness level, ABsolution Kettlebells is designed to push every individual to the best of their ability.

Brides join our 8 week Bridal Fitness Challenge that will be sure to keep you the perfect size to fit in your Wedding Dress:)

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Ilana van Schalkwyk
Cell: 079 877 5351

8 Week Kettlebell Bridal Challenge

8 Week Kettlebell Bridal Challenge


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