Bundling Wedding and Event services to bring you the best value for your money. We understand why this a good thing for you.

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My Business Associate Cameron Claassens & I have both been in the Industry for over two decades, and provide you peace of mind knowing you have seasoned professionals on board for your Big Day to make it a stress free experience for you. We currently are available but have already quoted and await the response of confirmation.

Our Wedding- In – A – Box package has proven hugely popular due to the massive value it has at a very reasonable price point. Please understand that professional entertainers work on specific information and especially time, so if any of the above changes, this may affect the price.

I am going to give you a few options, some which might or might not suit your budget.  If you are willing to give this to me and let me know how much you can spend, it will better help me to refine some options for you.  If you are on a budget I would strongly consider our modern Jukebox which you can find as an option below.

Here are some options based on the above information I have at present:

Full DJ Only Package – R8​ 500 for minimum 7 hours before midnight

  • This includes the sound system for the ceremony (background music on arrival, playing all required music for ceremony such as entrance, recessional exit etc, mic for minister if he/she requires), pre-drinks music, DJ and sound system for reception with party lights for the dance floor. Includes travel to venue. Additional hours are charged at R1000 per hour before midnightand R1500 per hour after midnight. 

Just some background on myself…  I have been in the industry for 22 years and have been a part of over 1200 weddings and functions.  I have quite an extensive music collection (as you could imagine) playing all the hits of today right back to whenever.  I use top of the line industry equipment brands such as JBL Professional, Shure, Sennheiser, Pioneer DJ, and many others (generally around R250 000 worth of equipment at an average event).  Cameron and I generally work together, and he has very similar credentials. Travel outside of Durban starts from R500.

Add on Photo Booth – R3​500

Our photobooth is VERY popular.  It is great for guests to use during pre-drinks, or even during the party.  It is compact and a bit bigger than a speaker.  It is not the full structure but free standing.  2 prints are made instantly, of which we can give both to your guests or keep one for you and give the other to them.  We can also give you all the digital images after the event of everything that was taken.

The price includes props, backdrop if needed, and 2 consecutive hours booth hire with unlimited prints for that time.  Additional hours can be added on if you wish.

Master of Ceremonies – R3500

Both Cameron & I are well respected Masters of Ceremony. We have worked at many high profile events and do also understand the protocols surrounding most events. Add flair and charisma to your event with a professional MC who will also assist you with having events run on time and smoothly all the time.

Jukebox – R3500

If cost is an issue, I can offer you the option of having me come and control sound for the ceremony and speeches for the reception, and then switch over to the jukebox. Now before you say no that’s not for me, let me explain. 

This is not the traditional huge old wooden box that you are possibly thinking of.  Our system is very modern.  It is a full professional sound system with mic for speeches, and party lights for the dancefloor.  The system is small and compact and easy to run.  It is all touch screen driven where you can control volume, search the database of over 30 000 songs, and do much more. 

The nice advantage with this option, is I can even build you a playlist beforehand to start you off (in fact it will have more than enough songs for the whole evening).  You can let it run as if the DJ was there, or add in your own selections if you wish.  This option is R3500 for the jukebox plus I will do extra R1500 for me to set up and control the sound for ceremony and reception as above in the DJ option, then let the Jukebox take over for the party. 


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